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Be a part of a collaborative team that volunteers in one of these three areas representing the Embassy of India, Washington D.C., and learn more about what is happening in these specific areas w.r.t. policy and implementation. Expand your network, meet like-minded people, engage with experts, actively participate in the Embassy events, know of cutting edge research opportunities, and don’t miss this wonderful chance of continued engagement with your country!

India has taken leadership on mitigating climate change especially in the areas of renewable energy. It is a founding member of the International Solar Alliance. Many such exciting initiatives are being undertaken by the Government of India towards sustainability and making our country and planet greener, while fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Be a part of this exciting initiative to update your knowledge and learn how you can contribute in your own way in this holistic venture
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Are you a news junkie? Do you devour newspapers and magazines like food? Do your friends depend on you for their daily dose of news? If you are into current affairs or international affairs, are interested in how India is portrayed in the media- whether in print, online, or social media platforms and would like to bring to light such portrayals and understand the story behind the news, join us

If your interest lies in understanding the ongoing grass root innovations in India, especially in education and related areas such curriculum development, edTech, etc, if you are interested in the New Education Policy 2020 and are keen to know how such policy takes shape on the ground, what are its grassroots implications, this is the right choice for you. Register here.