Embassy of India Student Hub

An official initiative of the Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

The Embassy of India Student Hub is an Embassy of India, Washington D.C., initiative to engage Indian students studying in the United States in India's development. The Student Hub is a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and converse -- both with each other, as well as with the Embassy.

The Student Hub thrives on student-led, student-run programming and opportunities to develop leadership and skills among students. Our hope is to nurture personal, societal, and civic responsibility, an entrepreneurial mindset, and principled next-generation leadership.

As an innovative, dynamic, relatively independent youth team seeking to help India build substantive bridges via education, the Student Hub strives to facilitate conversations with U.S. universities and administrators. We hope to strengthen knowledge partnership between India and the United States, to seed robust cross-border research and academic collaborations, and to rally improvements to educational ecosystems.

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New Year with Indra Nooyi

Join us for a conversation with Indra Nooyi, former chairperson and CEO of Pepsico, to talk about women's leadership, climate action initiatives, and careers.