About Us

The Embassy and her five consulates serve as India’s mission to the United States, and are increasingly valuing the role of education to India-US relations.

Education and the future of India is intertwined. Over 500 million Indians, more than a third of the total population, are under the age of 35. We have the chance to transform India and transform the world. The vision we set and the choices we make can completely alter governments, media, human existence and the quality of life.

Education is an important platform and vehicle - we learn not simply from the classroom, but by expanding our worlds through full presence, connection, and engagement.

In 2019, the Embassy of India is making a concerted effort to engage young Indians and educators in helping build India’s future. The Education team strives to support Indian students studying in the US, promote India studies, and build US-India ties through academic collaborations and exchanges.

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