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The Embassy and the five consulates serve as India’s mission to the United States, and are working to strengthen the India-US education partnership.

As part of its outreach and engagement with the Indian community including around 200,000 Indian students in US academic institutions, Embassy of India works with diverse entities, community organizations and voluntary groups.

The India Student Hub is a student-driven platform with participation on voluntary basis, initiated for Indian students in 2019. The Embassy has been facilitating the platform to enable engagement and activities and to assist students.

In the context of the difficulties faced by Indian students during the Covid19 situation in US last year, the Embassy had coordinated together with the India Student Hub to provide assistance including a student-run Peer Support Helpline, and boarding and lodging arrangements as required, with the support of Indian community. The Embassy facilitated conversations of India Student Hub with experts, industry leaders and eminent persons.

While the Embassy remains engaged in positive construct for the well-being of Indian students in US, contents of the India Student Hub’s website, as well as its communications and activities may not be construed as an endorsement of the views of the Embassy of India.

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