What constitutes a Consular Emergency, and how you can get help.

Please request consular resources only in emergency situations, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so the Embassy and Consulates may manage resources and support persons with the highest level of need.

Understand what phone number to call / e-mail to write to, check your jurisdiction.

Emergency phone numbers are listed below, as are links to each mission's emergency services page and their e-mail addresses:

Washington D.C.

+1 (202) 213-1364

+1 (202) 262-0375


New York City, NY

(+1) 212-774-0607

(+1) 347-721-9243

or use PRAMIT (routine requests)

Houston, TX

+1 (713) 626-2149


San Francisco, CA

+1 (415) 483-6629


Atlanta, GA

+1 (404) 910-7919

+1 (404) 924-9876


Chicago, IL

24x7 for Extreme Emergencies: +1 (312) 687-3642

Other Emergencies: +1 (312) 469-3276


Ministry of External Affairs' guidance on Consular Emergencies:

  • Emergency consular assistance can be availed by contacting the local Indian Embassy/Consulate concerned (through phone/email) at these numbers.
  • If you are unable to reach the local Indian Embassy/Consulate for any reason, you may contact the Consular Section of the CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs:




  • Grievances related to Consular services can be registered on the MADAD portal – http://madad.gov.in (or MADAD mobile App or helpline at 1800-258-0222 (toll free); (+91-40) 67580222)