Washington D.C.

Dear Indian Students,

On behalf of the Embassy of India, Washington D.C. and her five Consulate Generals that represent India by jurisdiction, we welcome you to the United States for your higher studies.

To stay connected, we request you to take one minute to register here on the Indian Students in U.S.A. Registration portal for more opportunities to remain connected with India and the diaspora, to participate in special programming for Indian students, and to get necessary assistance in case of any emergencies.

Whether this is your first time away from home or you’re a returning student, we applaud your efforts in the pursuit of knowledge. Thank you in advance for serving as a positive role model and representing the best of India on your campus and beyond. As you know, India is the youngest nation in the world, with over 600 million people under the age of 35. What you do - whether you are in India or abroad - will shape India’s destiny for generations to come. As we strive collectively to build #NewIndia, we invite you to engage with us.

Kindly visit the India Student Hub website to learn more about opportunities and join us on our new Facebook group.

We are confident that your time in the United States will encourage you to become leaders and innovators in your respective fields and in the community. We encourage you to make the most of your student experience by getting involved on- and off-campus, and building lasting connections to further strengthen US-India relations. While you may be far from home, know that the Embassy and Consulates are here for you. For international students like you, we are grateful for the incredible role university administrators, student associations, and family and friend circles play in guiding you in your educational journey.

Feel free to reach out directly to ea.washington@mea.gov.in or through the India Student Hub should you have ideas or suggestions or would like to partner in the future of India. And, kindly register now to stay connected.

Best wishes for your studies, and beyond. We so are proud of everything you have – and will – accomplish!

- The Embassy of India Education Team

September 2019