Conversation with Prof. Rattan Lal

Prof. Rattan Lal who has been awarded the highest civilian honour by the Government of India in 2021 by conferring upon him a Padma Shri, is a soil scientist with forty plus years of service and experience behind him in sustainable soil management for global food security and mitigation of climate change. He was also awarded the World Food Prize in 2020 for his research work in moving away from chemical fertilisers towards no-till farming and agroforestry. Apart from these he has been a recipient of many more honours and prizes such as the Japan Prize, 2019 for his path breaking contributions in improving our environment via informed agricultural methods.

His lecture will cover his journey briefly, along with his extensive knowledge in regenerative agriculture, food security, and water quality, as also explore ways in which Indian students can connect and contribute towards the larger goal of sustainable development via informed agricultural choices. Through his talk attendees can learn of the various cutting edge scientific practices that one may jointly participate in. A brief Q/A will probe the various ways in which such a science will be mutually beneficial to both the American and Indian Agriculture Sectors.