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Indian Missions abroad: home away from home.

The Embassy and Consulate Generals of India in the U.S. look forward to supporting Indian students and scholars studying in the United States. Please register with us

Due to pandemic, the Student Hub is monitoring and happy to connect Indian Students to Embassy/Consulate efforts around COVID-19. University International Student & Scholar Service Offices often have the most updated information on F-1 visa questions.

The Embassy of India Washington DC and Indian Consulates in the US would like to stay in touch, keep you informed, and communicate essential information in emergencies. Please register on the Embassy of India Student Registration Portal so we can keep you apprised of advisories, engagement opportunities, and essential information.

In the United States, there is one Embassy and five Consulates that provide consular services. Please identify the state in which you reside and the corresponding Embassy/Consulate to receive consular services.


IMMERSE | As an Indian student abroad, you represent India and our rich pluralistic, cultural heritage and amazing civilization/society. You may be the first Indian student in your program. You may encounter people who know nothing about India. You will notice that our societies - despite both being vibrant democracies - are set up quite differently in a myriad of ways. By choosing to study abroad, you have a great opportunity to immerse in a new culture, to learn more about the society, and to self-reflect.

REPRESENT | The American higher education infrastructure is configured to nurture personal, societal and civic responsibility. We encourage you to challenge yourself to take greater responsibility, to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become a job creator, to build next generation leadership for India & the world, and to understand & represent the best of what India is and can be.

VOLUNTEER | Come volunteer with us! Together we can build robust research partnerships and educational collaborations in all fields. Please mail us at or

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