Fall Verticals 2021

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Ashpreet Kaur

I am originally from Punjab, India. I am currently pursuing my Phd in Interdisciplinary Ecology with a concentration in Sociology from the University of Florida. In the past three months, I have volunteered with Anaadi and worked on a blog post and calendar on the issue of waste reduction in schools (attached).


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Shashank Anantharam

I am a second year full time MBA at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

I worked with Vikramshila on their "Learning Project" by training Vikramshila's district coordinators with skills such as Avoiding Confirmation Bias and business frameworks such as "Five Whys" to identify risks to the project and find the root cause of the risk in order to fix or mitigate the risk. I also helped identify some risks to the project myself.

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Nairuti Jhala

I am from Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. I have done a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University, NY-USA, and I am currently working as a Technical Associate at The Institute for Medical Engineering and Sciences at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge-MA.

1. With Vikramshila, I have developed interactive info-graphic documents for kids on the importance of health and hygiene.

2. I am also collecting data like stories and poems for the Vikramshila home learning calendar.

3. I will be developing some feedback questions along with Namrataji for the parents as well as the anganwadi workers about their experiences about the whole program and will be planning sessions with them about the same.

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Sayantan Sahu

I am a graduate student at University of Maryland, College Park doing research on atmospheric science.

We proposed two potential solutions for disposal of food packets in ecologically sensitive regions frequented by pilgrims and visitors. In addition, we researched how ancient texts like Vriksha, Pashu and Krishi Ayurveda are relevant today. We discussed specific examples of knowledge from these texts which can be applied in modern day farming which are not detrimental to the environment and economically advantageous to the farmer.

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Vikas Gupta

I am born and raised in Mumbai. I am a recent graduate from Northeastern University in Boston, with a master's degree focusing on Strategy & Innovation. I currently work full-time as a Product Marketing Manager for a California based startup. Out of my day job, I work as a startup mentor for a couple of startup accelerators in US. I have found my calling in education, and I am passionate about solving problems in Indian education system through innovation, community engagement and servitude!

With Vikramshila, I was engaged with providing feedback on their current learning management system. I was able to gather the new LMS requirements and come up with a customized solution towards developing the new LMS. My solution revolved around modern structural pillars of online education like student mastery, personalization, flexibility, and engagement.

I am continuing my work with Vikramshila to provide inputs to develop an online financial literacy program for adolescent girls in India.

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Devesh Jain

I am LEED Green Associate, NABCEP Solar PV Associate, Master's in Mechanical Engineering from

Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ

Anaadi Foundation-

I'm from Hyderabad, currently working as a Solar Design Engineer in New Jersey.

I, along with Sayantan Sahu, worked on researching on how ancient Indian texts like Vriksha Ayurveda, Pashu Ayurveda (medicinal texts on plants and animals) could be aligned with Krishi Parasha (good practises on agriculture) in a sustainable way in modern times. We also proposed 2 probable solutions on the proper disposal of plastic, especially Maggi packets, in mountainous pilgrimage site in North India.

Vikramshila Organisation,

I'm from Hyderabad, currently working as a Solar Design Engineer in New Jersey.

I worked on a project involving Anganwadi Center (AWC) in Kamrup Metro area, Assam where I gave ideas and suggestions on repainting the building so as to use it as a learning resource for children.This was based on the concept of BALA - Building As Learning Aid, a creative and simple approach to make the building a part of the learning process. One example includes painting patterns on floor with different shapes to facilitate children to involve and connect with their surroundings along with learning from it.

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