The Campus Lead Class of 2019

Supporting their peer Indian students on U.S. campuses

60+ leads, 40+ campuses, 20+ U.S. states

Srijani Pal | Arizona State University

Masters in Information Technology

Srijani Pal is a second year Master's Student in Information Technology at Arizona State University. She loves to cook, travel, explore new places, make new friends and help people around her in her best capacity. In that light, she is one of the co-founders of the Pratham (Phoenix chapter) that aims to bring education to the underprivileged children in India. At a recent Society of Engineers conference, Srijani mentored a high school student interested in computers to think about various college and career options.

Shipra Shetty | Bentley University

Master of Science in Information Technology

Shipra Shetty is pursuing an MS in IT from Bentley University, Massachusetts. With 8 years of IT work experience as both the client and the vendor, Shipra enjoys experimenting with processes towards greater efficiency. Born in Mumbai, Shipra completed her Bachelor’s in Software Engineering from Mangalore and worked in Pune with teams across the globe; this gave her an opportunity to experience different cultures. Shipra has an adventurous spirt and love to travel; her stories include living on a houseboat in Kashmir, snorkeling at the beaches on the Bahamas, and marveling at the glaciers in Iceland. Alongside her sister who is now a doctor in India, Shipra hopes to use her IT experience to improve healthcare in India. From her own migration stories and from those she has met along her journey, Shipra knows change is challenging, but also believes that is exciting.

Arun Gopal Govindaswamy | DePaul University

Master of Science in Data Science

Arun Govindaswamy is a graduate student at DePaul University pursuing his advanced degree in Data Science. His career goals are in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision. Arun was born and brought up in Chennai, India. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and has two years of experience working in the IT industry. Arun in a sportsman on-field and an altruist at heart. He likes traveling and hiking. In his free time, he enjoys his music and time with his friends. Arun is super proud of being Indian.

Rima Harish Nanda | DePaul University

Masters in Financial Mathematics

Rima Nanda is currently pursuing her second Masters and serves as a graduate research assistant in Finance at DePaul University, Chicago. Coming from a family of finance, Rima is quite versed in finance and business matters. Rima has 8 years of formal work experience, including a role as an investment analyst at a finance firm in Bombay. Rima has completed her under graduate and first masters degree from University of Mumbai. Although Rima appreciates Midwest USA, she loves her birthplace Bombay and her Kutchi heritage. Rima is a writer, poet and dancer (with distinction). She is currently working on a 200+page novel.

Sachin Parulekar | DePaul University

Masters in Information Systems

Sachin Parulekar is pursuing master's in Information Systems at DePaul University. He hails from a small town named Shujalpur in Madhya Pradesh, India and studied in the city of Indore. As a soccer player who has played on both school and college teams, Sachin values team, strategy, physical fitness, and mental prowess. He recalls a particular soccer match during his school days when his underdog team was down 0-4 in the first half, and rallied to win in overtime penalty kicks. As the son of a rural doctor, Sachin is eager to connect information systems and health care to improve medical treatment options for rural India.

Aditya Ambasth | DePaul University

Masters in Cybersecurity with a concentration in Networking and Infrastructure

Aditya Ambasth is currently a candidate for a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity from DePaul University, Chicago. He is also the vice-president of DePaul Indian Student Association (DISA). In addition to building Information retrieval systems (search engines) in English and Hindi and working on emotion detection by implementing Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks. Aditya is steeped into defending cyberattacks. He was grateful to intern at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India on the National Digital Library project, an initiative of the MHRD. Aditya enjoys cooking, playing bowling and flight simulators, and listening to storytellers.

Anshupriya Srivastava | Duke University

Master in Data Science

Anshupriya Srivastava is a Master's Student at Duke University currently pusuring a degree in Data Science. Anshupriya found the project of building an emotionally aware virtual AI chat and other projects at Honeywell Technology Labs and EY GDS fulfilling. Anshupriya has a background in music and loves to cook in her free time. While Anshupriya is a Netflix fan, she believes that in general books are better than movies.

Asim Nabi | Florida International University

Master in Electrical Engineering

Asim Nabi is pursing his MS degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on power systems from Florida International University, Miami. Asim had a professional career in India spanning for more than 3 years where he served as a business analyst in industries related to oil & gas, electrical designing and fire protection. Asim grew up in the Western UP town of Aligarh. Asim serves as a Research Assistant in the Energy, Power, and Sustainability (EPS-group) Lab. When he is not glued to his computer screen, Asim is reading books and watching documentaries (favorites include The True Cost and Inside Job).

Zara Farouk | George Mason University

Conflict Analysis and Resolution

A senior at George Mason University, Zara Farouk is majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and minoring in International and Comparitive Studies. Her hobbies include running and writing. She currently works on campus with an international student program that builds connections with universities in India, China, Turkey, Spain and more. During her freetime, she is often in DC sightseeing and museum hopping.

Mrinalini Gunda | George Washington University

Masters in Information System Technology

Mrinalini Gunda is a master’s student at the George Washington University – School of Business majoring in Information Systems Technology. A certified Workday Functional and Technical consultant with four years consulting experience at Deloitte, Mrinalini remembers a specific client interaction where her engagement made sure that all of the employees got paid on time that month. Mrinalini is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Information Systems. In her free time, Mrinalini enjoys dancing; she has been trained in Bharatanatyam and Jazz. Mrinalini spent her childhood growing up in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Shimal Surabhi Kapoor | Harvard University

Master in Public Policy

Shimal Kapoor is a Master in Public Policy Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. Having grown up in rural India, she has a keen desire to improve citizen service delivery mechanisms in developing countries, using interdisciplinary frameworks. Before HKS, Shimal worked as a legislative aide to Mr. Baijayant “Jay” Panda, ex-MP and current BJP Vice President, in the Parliament of India, and later clerked with HMJ Jasti Chelameswar in the Supreme Court of India. She is a trained lawyer from NLSIU, Bangalore. This summer, she worked with the World Bank on various Justice and Development projects, followed by a stint at one of India's largest law firms helping demystify public policy for the private sector.

Sumit Kumar Sharma | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master in Business Management

Sumit Sharma is a Legatum Fellow and a MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to joining Sloan, he worked with Indian bureaucrats, politicians, and doctors to develop and implement large scale solutions in education, rural electrification, water and sanitation, and healthcare respectively. Sumit is passionate about using technology to address grassroots problems and aims to build a sustainable social enterprise to provide affordable healthcare solutions to people in resource-poor countries. As a step in this direction, he has founded i^4 which aims to prevent hypothermia associated neonatal deaths across the world. Outside work, he is an ardent traveler, competitive badminton player and an amateur origami practitioner.

Divya Pandya | Michigan Technological University

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Thermal Science

Divya Pandya is pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Science) at Michigan Techological University. Divya received a Master’s degree from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University and Bachelor’s degree from Gujarat Technological University. Divya was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat - the home of the Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram. Divya is a passionate about sports and volunteering.

Lavanya Rajesh Kumar | Michigan Technological University

Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors

Lavanya is pursuing her PhD in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors at Michigan Technological University. She can be described as a behavioral scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit, who is passionate about developing impactful, innovative solutions, bringing social change and above all, helping people realize their true potential. As part of her professional journey, she has worked with various organizations across domains including energy, IT, ITES, manufacturing, education, and not for profits. She aspires to be a motivator and catalyst for individuals on their journey to entrepreneurship. She enjoys traveling, interacting with people from different cultures, experimenting with new ideas, and exploring the how's and why's.

Mansi Dinakar | New Jersey Institute of Technology

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Mansi Dinakar is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology. She is originally from Bengaluru, Karnataka where she would help her parents design packaging for their Indian sweet export business. Mansi is fluent in four Indian languages - Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. She is passionate about photography and aviation; Mansi has acted and filmed promotional videos and is eager to get a pilot's license. Mansi actively volunteers as a yearbook photographer, in the India Student Association, at homecoming and for other events on campus. Mansi belives that nothing is impossible to learn; she even bought and taught herself how to play a guitar!

Sathvik N Prasad | North Carolina State University

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Sathvik Prasad is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at North Carolina State University. After earning a bachelor’s degree, he worked at Cisco Systems where he supported some of the largest networks in the world. An internship as a Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Science coupled with his curiosity to learn, motivated him to follow his passion for research. He currently works on improving security and privacy guarantees of users in mobile and telephone networks. Sathvik believes that quality education at various levels can set the foundation for a great personality, and looks forward to influencing the world through academia.

Ujjwal Pratik | North Carolina State University

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Ujjwal Pratik is a PhD student at the North Carolina State University. He discovered his interest in Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) while pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at the National Institute of Technology Silchar, India. Ujjwal followed his passion to conduct research on WPT by pursuing Masters degree at the Utah State University. During masters, Ujjwal was a Research Assistant working on multiple WPT projects such as designing wirelessly-powered electric wheelchairs, and in-motion wireless chargers. Ujjwal was born and raised in Bihar, India. An avid table tennis player, hiker and cook, Ujjwal believes in giving back to the society and standing up for a change.

Sonia Mahankali | Northeastern University

Masters in Information Systems

I am a mechanical engineer born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I settled in Bengaluru, India to complete my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering and moved to the United States to do my Master's in Information Systems. I have lived a nomadic life if I may say. From dust storms in the desert to the snow storms of Boston, I believe I've see it all. I love reading about philosophy and driving cars in my free time. I am absolutely passionate about automobiles and machines. More than a hobby, traveling has become a part of my existence and I hope to meet inspiring people on my way. One piece of advice to everyone out there: "Have fun, take risks in life but enjoy responsibly."

Nishita Sikka | Northeastern University

Master of Science in Computer System Networking and Telecommunications

Nishita Sikka is a graduate student at Northeastern University pursuing a Master's degree in computer system networking & telecommunications. Besides being super excited about collaborate projects, practicing code, and travelling, Nishita enjoys sports and Crossfit. She is also a weightlifter, handball player and Kathak classical dancer.

Karthik Srinivas Venkataraman | Penn State University

Masters in Computer Science

Karthik Srinivas Venkataraman is a PhD candidate in Engineering Science and Mechanics at Pennsylvania State University. He completed his Baccalaureate of Engineering from SSN College of Engineering, Tamil Nadu. Karthik was born and raised in Kalapkkam, Tamil Nadu, a beautiful township off the coast of Bay of Bengal. Karthik loves to travel and take photos. He also enjoys playing racquet sports and is a part of Penn State's travelling competitive badminton team.

Sarthak Vij | Penn State University

Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics

Sarthak Vij is a sophomore studying Economics and Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University. Vij is the president of the College of the Liberal Arts Student Government and the Economics Research Think Tank. Since his high school days in Pune, Vij has been passionate about searching for methods to make social services accessible to developing economies at reasonable costs. Vij also loves reading autobiographies and playing the drums.

Jyotiraditya 'Adi' Singh | Rice University

Masters in Economics

Jyotiraditya 'Adi' Singh is a master’s student in Economics at Rice University who also serves as the Vice President of Indian Students At Rice (ISAR). Adi researched in Mathematics for 4 years at various institutes while pursuing his Integrated MSc in Mathematical Sciences from NISER, Bhubaneswar. Inspired by the interdisciplinary approach at NISER, to see the concretization of abstract mathematical principles, Adi completed a UNESCO-ICTP sponsored master’s in Economics at Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy. The fields of Public Policy and Development Economics enthuse Adi. Hailing from Allahabad, Adi enjoys poetry and music. While volunteering with SPIC MACAY for 5 years, Adi led teams of students to co-ordinate cultural events in many parts of India.

Parth Vivekanand Sane | Rochester Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Software Engineering

Parth Sane is a 2nd Year MS Software Engineering student and former Club President of the Amateur Radio Club at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. Parth's primary goals are to develop and learn about software and its ability to change people's lives for the better. Parth is quite amiable and ever-ready for a good conversation over coffee.

Poorva Tamhane | Rutgers University

Masters in United Nations and Global Policy Studies

Poorva Tamhane is a masters student in United Nations and Global Policy. She graduated with distinction from Mumbai University in political science. Poorva is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, and a trace of German. As a freelance writer, Poorva has published features articles in the Times of India and the Free Press Journal. She also wrote 300+ movie, event, and play reviews on the online Book My Show portal. Poorva is an avid football fan (Go Manchester United!) and of course, a movie buff.

Mukesh Roy | South Dakota State University

PhD in Soft Tissue Engineering

Mukesh Roy is pursuing his doctoral studies in Soft Tissue Engineering from South Dakota State University. His research interest includes bio-fluid mechanics, biomedical engineering and medical device development. A recent research project focused on automatic detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB). Mukesh is the vice-president of the Biomedical Engineering Society at SDState. This year, Mukesh has received the NASA@MyLibrary STEM Fellowship and SDEPSCoR Science Communication Fellowship. Through these fellowships, Mukesh is also involved with community outreach programmes in the South Dakota region. His vision is to provide free and quality education to underprivileged kids. Mukesh hails from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. He loves travelling and cooking.

Ruhit Sinha | South Dakota State University

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Ruhit Sinha is an MS student in Mechanical Engineering at South Dakota State University. His master's thesis is on developing cellulose-based biomaterials for bone tissue reconstruction. He holds a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Silchar (2016). Apart from his research work, Ruhit is actively involved in the BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society) student chapter. Ruhit's hometown is Silchar, Assam. His hobbies include stamp collection (philately) and coin collection (numismatics). Ruhit likes travelling and experiencing different food (vegetarian), culture and language. His life goal is to develop affordable healthcare technologies and ensure its equal distribution.

Abhinandhan Narayanan | The University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Abhinandhan Narayanan is currently pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. His fascination towards cars led him to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at SASTRA University, Thanjavur, India. While being a part of the University racing team at SASTRA, Abhinandhan realized that the engine is the heart of the car; consequently, his PhD research centers on performance optimization and emissions reduction of internal combustion engines. Being an avid follower of cricket and soccer, Abhinandhan believes that teamwork, dedication and persistence are the three mantras for success. Abhinandhan currently serves as the Vice President of the Indian Students Association of Tuscaloosa.

Harigovind Gokul Menon | The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Ph.D. In Material Science

An engineer by education and travel photographer by passion, Harigovind Gokul Menon is a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama in Material Science (plasma catalysis). As he delved into photovoltaic cells during his MTech degree in Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy from Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine (India), Harigovind got charged up by the interconnection of materials and theories. He also actively participated in the Amala Bharatham Cleanup Drive (Clean India Program) and assisting differently-abled children to become more confidant and independent. Apart from academics, he is an avid traveler and is very passionate about photography. He is currently the Secretary of the Indian Student Association at University of Alabama. Through his academic pursuits, his photography and his community engagement, Harigovind has greater insight into the interconnection of all things.

Divya Rajan | Towson University

Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts

Divya Rajan is pursuing her MFA in Theatre Arts from Towson University. Before moving to the United States she was that Indian in the Philippines producing an Australian theatre festival. Divya is Creative Practitioner: (1) culturally a potpourri of Palakkad, Mumbai & Chennai; (2) academically a cocktail of journalism, filmmaking and theatre; (3) an avid reader of short stories, mythology, spirituality and psychology, especially psychoanalysis; and (4) embracing life force to manifest creativity and art. There is no dearth of drama in her life. She is on the advisory board of Asian Arts & Culture Center. A nature + culture lover, a passionate cook, photographer, a travel enthusiast, SCUBA diver & Reiki healer Healer - exploring, questioning & discovering is Divya's everyday mantra.

Mohit Saini | Tufts University

Master of International Affairs

Mohit Saini is a Master's student in International Affairs at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Before joining Fletcher, he worked with an international financial inclusion consulting firm for six years in India, Bangladesh, Malawi, and Uganda. He focused on the adoption of digital financial services among low-income people. He led setting-up of $11 M Financial Inclusion Lab for start-ups in India. Currently, Mohit is part of a five-member MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) team competing with ~35 business and graduate global schools. He is also working as an Associate with The Fletcher School Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion. He has facilitated conversations at the Death Cafe for the Buddhist Chaplaincy at Tufts University. Mohit completed his MBA from IRMA, Gujarat, India. Mohit is an avid follower of cricket and stand-up comedy. He also hikes, collects music, cooks and loves to explore cafes.

Shishir G. Patil | University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Shishir Patil is a PhD student at the University of California at Berkeley. Before beginning his PhD, he was a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research in India. Shishir obtained a B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore in 2017. In his free time, Shishir enjoys biking to the Berkeley Marina.

Megha Acharya | University of California, Berkeley

PhD In Material Science and Engineering

A graduate student at the University of Calfornia, Berkeley, Megha Acharya is an aspiring Materials Scientist working in the field of materials discovery for innovative applications aided by computational calculations. Her research tries to answer the most fundamental question prevalent in this field, i.e., can we predict the existence of a specific material structure using mere computational calculations? Apart from hunting for crazy materials as a researcher, she likes indoor rock climbing, painting, reading and cooking.

Hiteeksha Ghai | University of California, Los Angeles

Master of Financial Engineering

Hiteeksha hails from Mumbai, India and is pursuing Master’s in Financial Engineering at UCLA Anderson. She is passionate about Indian Music & Culture and has completed Sangeet Visharad Vocal in Hindustani Classical (B.A. in Music).

She is an Engineer and MBA from NMIMS and has worked at EY and Blackrock in Financial Risk and has also assisted in the Direction, Production and Editing of a documentary film on Equitation training for IPS officers at National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

She served as Joint Secretary of the Editorial Board at NMIMS, Chief Editor of the Business Magazine and Co-editor of the Cultural Magazine. She has travelled across India (North-East pending in her wish list); and is awed by the diversity of the beautiful land.

Jagrit Relli | University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics and Bachelor of Science in Statistics

Jagrit Relli is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. His career ambition is to be an Investment Banking Analyst and he has internship experience in that field. He is originally from New Delhi and has lived in a number of cities including Mumbai, Pune, and Dubai. Jagrit is fond of playing sports and also follows soccer and basketball. He is also an avid listener of music and his favourite artists include Kygo and The 1975.

Arpan Das | University of Colorado Boulder

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Arpan Das is a second year PhD student in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology at University of Colorado (CU) Boulder. He orginates from Howrah, West Bengal. Before joining CU Boulder, he obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Biology from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. During his senior year in high school, he was awarded the KVPY fellowship by DST, Govt. of India. Arpan's thesis work at IISc involved finding translational readthroughs in mammals. Currently, at CU Boulder, Arpan is focused on regulation of lncRNAs by miRNAs and why this regulation is important. Other than working in lab, Arpan likes to play cricket and football (or soccer), watch movies and hike in the Rockies.

Nikhil Shrinivas Gadre | University of Colorado Boulder

Master of Science in Telecommunication

Nikhil Gadre is a graduate student pursuing his MS in Telecommunications in the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program at University of Colorado Boulder. Nikhil was born and raised in Pune, where he completed his education including his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication from Savitribai Phule Pune University. During his free time, he likes to read books & blogs on - Personal Finance, Personal Development and Philosophy. Nikhil is particularly interested in Stoicism and wants to be a polymath one day.

Sandip Bisui | University of Colorado Boulder

PhD in Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Sandip Bisui is a doctoral student in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado (CU) Boulder. Sandip received his Undergraduate and Masters Degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India. Along with his Major in Mathematics and Scientific Computing, he also holds a Minor in Management from the Industrial and Management Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur. Prior to joining CU Boulder, he was a Research Associate at the Indian School of Business (ISB), India. Sandip enjoys nature and sports. In his leisure time, you will often find him either playing badminton or hiking in the mountains.

Arshiah Yusuf Mirza | University of Connecticut

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Arshiah Mirza (Pronouns: She, Her, Hers) is a graduate student and an aspiring researcher who believes in making clean energy technologies affordable. She is currently a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Connecticut with a focus in power electronics and machine drives. Arshiah also has a degree from the Technology Entrepreneurship Program by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Besides electrical engineering, Arshiah loves to paint and hike. She cares about environment, clean-energy technologies, child education and gender equality.

Faeez Juneja | University of Georgia

Bachelors in Economics, Honors Program

Faeez Juneja is an undergraduate honors student studying economics and statistics at the University of Georgia. He was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has spent several summers working in human rights and economic development. He is currently a Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Fellow at the Center for International Trade and Security and an alum of the American Enterprise Institute's summer honors progarm. He is passionate about public policy, technology, and sustainable development.

Rohit Katti | University of Georgia

PhD in Cancer Biology

Rohit Katti is a PhD student and a researcher in Cancer Biology at University of Georgia, Athens, where he studies cancer therapeutics related to Prostate Cancer. Rohit was born, raised and educated in Bengaluru, India. Before he moved to the US in January 2017, Rohit spent a year in cancer drug research. Rohit first landed in Texas and graduated with a master’s degree in General Biology from Texas State University. Rohit is also a passionate Tabla player and enjoys sports (Cricket, anyone?).

Anthony Tushar Giduthuri | University of Idaho

Masters in Chemical Engineering

Anthony Tushar Giduthuri is a graduate student at the University of Idaho majoring in Chemical Engineering. Before his master's degree, he worked as a content developer and graduate engineering trainee for a year. He holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. Tushar was born and raised in Vizag, India and plans on visiting home every year. During his bachelor's, he volunteered as a mentor to children at shelter homes and was an active member of the Art Club of his college since his freshman year. He was an event coordinator for the Indian Student's Association at University of Idaho from 2018-2019. His long term interest focuses on studying climate change and developing strategies to combat it and hopes to be a part of the United Nations Climate Council.

Bhroovi Gupta | University of Kansas

Bachelor in Visual Communication- Graphic Design

Bhroovi Gupta is pursuing an undergraduate degree in the field of Graphic Design at the University of Kansas. She works with the design team at the Marketing Communications office as a student Graphic Designer and at the Business School as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Intern. Bhroovi was born and brought up in Mumbai and completed her education till high school there before receiving a scholarship offer at the University of Kansas. She holds executive positions in student organizations, namely the Cultural Chair for the International Student Association (ISA) and the Design Chair of the Association of Indian Students at KU. Bhroovi appreciate breaking norms and representing the creative side of the Indian subcontinent.

Siddhanth Ghosh | University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Layered and eclectic, Siddhanth Ghosh describes himself as both yin and yang with a dash of lime. Siddhanth is a freshman at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He hopes to major in Computer Engineering with a certificate in International Relations. Siddhanth is already actively involved on campus as an election commissioner in the student government, a member of Engineers without Borders, and an active participant in the weekly IEEE (electrical engineers association) meetings. As half Bengali, half Punjabi, and a full Delhiite, Siddhanth is a master of trivia and has won several quizzes in Delhi, including the prestigious Columban Open. Using his quizzing skills, Siddhanth also tutored underprivileged children in science, math and English.

Hem Vijay Shah | University of Massachusetts, Boston

Master of Science in Accounting

Hem Shah is an accounting professional specializing in audit and corporate governance related activities. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Accounting at University of Massachusetts Boston with a focus on good governance practices. Hem also has a good knowledge of the Indian corporate law (having assisted in the IPO of a mid-size company). Her passions, apart from contributing towards development of India, include writing, cooking and budget traveling. Hem is a connector and a good team player in social development.

Agnit Mukhopadhyay | University of Michigan

PhD in Ionospherics Conductors

Agnit Mukhopadhyay [he/him] is a NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellow pursuing his PhD in Space Physics and Scientific Computing at the Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering (ClaSp) Department in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Agnit hails from Calcutta, but has resided in various places in India and abroad. His primary social interests are in music, numismatics, historical trivia, sketching, fine dining, cinema and humour. He is an avid admirer of Western classical music while being a lifelong student of Indian classical music, being trained in Hindustani classical and Rabindrasangeet singing.

Akshay Narendra Seth | University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Masters in Industrial and Operations Engineering

Akshay Seth is a Master's student in Industrial and Operations Engineering at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His interest lies in Process Optimization, Facility Planning, Inventory Management and Quality Control. Akshay hails from Mumbai which is known as the financial capital of India and is also home to many Bollywood stars. He likes playing cricket and tour different cities. Spending time with friends and family has been his favorite pass time. In his extra-curriculars, he is currently a serving member of India based NGO “Association of Social Beyond Boundaries” and has also efficaciously managed different events like cultural festival “Riviera 2018” of his undergraduate university.

Arijit Chanda | University of Minnesota

M.B.A. in Strategy

Arjit Chanda is a MBA student at the University of Minnesota. During his high school days in Kalyani, West Bengal, Arjit and his friends went house to house to crowdfund a local soccer tournament. From access to a desktop in 7th grade to Infosys in Bangalore, Arjit had a passion for programming. With an MBA, he hopes to transition to the business side of technology consulting. Even though he does not really connect to fiction, Arjit loves to read biographies. Arjit also loves to explore new music: he comes from a family of singers, has tabla training and learned the harmonica (mouth organ) player on his own in college. In sports, Arjit represented his district in table tennis. He also plays cricket and soccer.

Saurabh Sinha | University of Oklahoma

Ph.D. in Geophysics

Saurabh Sinha hails from New Delhi, India. He holds a BS and MS in petroleum engineering, an MS in data science. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma in the field of geophysics. Saurabh joined the University of Oklahoma in 2014. Previously he worked as a reservoir engineer at Reliance Industries for the International business development group.

Manuj Mittal | University of Rochester

Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Finance

Manuj Mittal is a MBA & MS Finance (Dual Degree) Candidate at Simon Business School, University of Rochester. Prior to coming here, he was working as an M&A analyst in India. He has also worked in Advisory & Equity Research for a couple years. Originally from Delhi, India, Manuj completed his schooling from Mayo College, Ajmer. He then went on to pursue Chartered Accountancy and is a B.Com graduate from Delhi.

He is a regular sportsperson and likes to listen Hip-Hop music. He is also a frequent traveler and explorer of nature and strongly believes that in order to uplift ourselves its important that we as a united community grow together in harmony. Lets build #NewIndia.

Nabanita Sengupta | University of Rochester

M.B.A. in Finance

Nabanita Sengupta is a Chartered Accountant and a Gold Medalist (B.Com-Hons) from the University of Calcutta. She is currently pursuing her MBA from the University of Rochester (Simon Business School). Born and raised in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, she moved to Kolkata for a six-year long career in financial services. She has travelled extensively across India and is deeply familiar with the country’s rich diversity. Nabanita views education as a tool to conquer economic inequality and was involved in tutoring young underprivileged children and promoting child rights awareness in urban slums. She enjoys organizing entertainment and cultural events, writing on social and business issues, and experimenting with flavors as she attempts to create new dishes.

Adhokshaja Achar Budihal Prasad | University of South Florida

M.B.A. in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Adhokshaja Achar Budihal Prasad is an MBA student at the University of South Florida (USF) and also works as an Applications Developer at the Water Institute, an environmental research institute at USF. Originally from Bengaluru, Adhokshaja has lived in Tampa, FL for the last 7 years. Adhokshaja also has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from USF and has academic interests in Image Processing, Application Development, Project Management and Business Analytics.

He is also passionate about community engagement through applied technologies. In his free time, Adhokshaja enjoys cooking and playing board games.

Bhawna Tripathy | University of South Florida

M.B.A. in Digital Marketing

Bhawna Tripathy is an MBA student at the University of South Florida Muma College of Business and also works as a graduate assistant for Business Honors Program. Bhawna completed a Bachelor's in Information Technology and worked as Microsoft Student Partner for one year. Bhawna was born in Ranchi and lived in multiple cities of India for her studies and Job. Bhawna comes with a total of 5.5 years of experience in the domains of Information Security, Audit, and Consulting. Bhawna is a firm believer in giving back to the community, and she works as a volunteer.

Himanshu Gamit | University of St. Thomas

Master of Science in Data Science

Himanshu Gamit is a Software Professional who studies Data Science at the University of St Thomas, St Paul. He received Bachelor's in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Surat before becoming a software geek in Hyderabad at Amphora Incorporation. After gaining rigorous knowledge of ins and outs of the software industry. He decided to follow his belief of exploring, growing and learning continuously, Led him to move offshore in Unites States. In addition, He is programmer, data analyst, modernizer, and health.

Niraj Narendra Bora | University of Texas at Arlington

Masters in Structural Engineering

Niraj Bora is a Graduate Structural Engineering Student at University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). He is from the cultural hub, Pune, Maharashtra. Niraj completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from University of Pune and was a core member of the Civil Engineering Students' Association. As someone who enjoys sports and travel, Niraj describes himself as a "Part time Engineer, Full time Wanderer." Niraj is a founding member of Hindu Youth for Unity, Virtues and Action (YUVA) at UTA and loves interacting with different communities and culture.

Nikhil Goyal | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Masters in Manufacturing Systems

Nikhil Goyal is a master’s student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. He served as a production manager in an automobile manufacturing company for eight years. Nikhil did his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), India. Managing VIT’s Baja SAE team (where students design and build an off-road all terrain vehicle) help Nikhil hone his leadership, people management and crisis management skills. Nikhil wants to use these soft skills with technical skills and provide effective solutions to challenges faced by individual/organizations and make things better. Nikhil's native is Ajmer (Rajasthan, India).

Venkat Nag Kolachalam | Western Michigan University

Masters in Engineering Management

Venkat Nag Kolachalam is pursuing his Masters degree in Engineering Management at Western Michigan University (WMU). He hails from Ballari, a small district in Karnataka, India. Cradled in a freedom fighter family, Venkat is proud of being Indian and sees social service as a duty and priority. Venkat volunteers for North-South Foundation and serves as the President of Indian Students Association at WMU. Venkat was co-founder and vice president of Aikya Foundation in Ballari (who diverts extra food from marriages to needy people in town). As part of independent research in the summer of 2019, Venkat used a statistical process to decrease wastage in a local PVC pipe manufacturing business that saved 10% of the business profits.

Fenil Jayeshbhai Desai | Wichita State University

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Material Science

Fenil Desai is a Doctoral Candidate and a Graduate Research Assistant in Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State University, in Wichita, Kansas. Even though you can cross Wichita in 15 minutes and airplanes are made Wichita, Fenil is focused on developing a hydrogen-based car. Fenil is also the Vice President for Graduate Student Council which represents over 2000 graduate students on campus. In hs free time, Fenil loves hiking (Appalacian Trails and Rocky Mountains) and has visited over 25 National Parks. He also loves his hometown sport of Cricket!

Varun Prakash Bhat | Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Master of Science in Interactive Media and Game Development

Varun Bhat is a masters student of Interactive Media and Game Development at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA. He received his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Gandhinagar Institute of Technology in 2018. His hometown is in the state of Karnataka but he has been a resident of Gujarat for close to 21 years. He has been an avid consumer of digital and non-digital forms of media for his entire life and is therefore, interested in promoting research and works in the same field(s).