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Ideas to combat COVID-19

Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, Thinkers.

The Embassy of India Student Hub invites all Indian students in the United States, including teams in joint collaborations, to come forward and submit solutions to combating COVID-19.


Our emphasis is on new technologies, tools, and approaches to combat COVID-19, including, but not limited to:

        • Diagnosis

        • Contact Tracing

        • Devices/ways to minimize contact

        • Food habits to boost immunity

        • Gainful engagement during social distancing, particularly the elderly during and post-COVID-19

This can be a unique approach or innovation, or could be building on an existing processes to enhance it. Please use the form below to make your submission.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this call to action:

You are welcome to contact the Embassy of India Student Leadership Team at Alternatively, you may call the Peer Support Line and leave your information for a supervisor to get in touch with you.

All proposals received will be screened and shared with the Counselor-Science & Technology at the Embassy of India, Washington D.C. for further consideration.