LinkedIn Group


All Indian students studying in the United States are invited to join our new LinkedIn Group. The group will:

  • Allow students to connect with other students
  • Share internship and professional opportunities with other students
  • Have professional opportunities from our partners and collaborators communicated via the group
  • Be able to sign up to receive e-mail updates directly from LinkedIn.

Eligibility requirements for students

Please confirm your eligibility by filling out the form below. Once done, you will receive an e-mail with a link to join the group.

  • Citizenship / Descent:
    • Must be an Indian Student on F-1 status or a person of Indian origin (OCI card or PIO card).
  • Enrollment:
    • Must be enrolled in an institute of higher education in the United States, or in F-1 status on OPT, or,
    • For first years / new students, you must have received your student visa, or, for students with Permanent Residence cards in the U.S., accepted your offer and deposited.
  • Agreement to comply with our 'Conditions of Use'


(Feature coming soon) The United States, at any given time, is home to over 200,000, dedicated and experienced students of Indian origin. The India Student Hub's LinkedIn group acts as a channel for you to communicate with this pool of talent. We welcome:

  • Professional opportunities for Indian students,
    • In the United States (internships, positions, etc.). Please note, while students in most cases will have U.S. work-authorization (CPT or OPT) you must verify this information yourself.
    • In India
    • In other countries
  • Advice for Indian students on a variety of topics
  • Volunteer mentors
  • Scholarship opportunities for Indian students
  • Other relevant content

All communications must be sent through the form below. Please make sure you are authorized to communicate the information you indicate. The 'post' you fill out will be posted in the group on LinkedIn along with the contact information you indicate. The Education Team reserves the right to filter content as deemed necessary.