Six-Feet Apart

Video Challenge

Share your wisdom & newfound discoveries.

Creating a short 45 second social distancing tips video is an opportunity to get creative and share your personal advice to friends & fellow students seeking support during the COVID-19 crisis.

Have you discovered an activity or new talent that keeps you busy whilst indoors? Are you willing to share your discovery or COVID-19 best practices with fellow students across the country?

The India Student Hub student-led Social Distancing Tips video allows you to help thousands of international students in the U.S from your home.

WhatsApp Video 2020-04-24 at 11.12.34.mp4

How you can make a difference

  1. Help viewers feel less isolated and supported by the international student community.

  2. Create your own individual 45-second Social Distancing Tips video to post on your social media account to get featured on the ISHUBUS Instagram, website, & Facebook pages. You take the video, we'll handling going viral.

  3. Ask three friends to do the same and tag @ISHUBUS on your story/feed!


  1. Name, university, and field of study

  2. How do you keep busy while social distancing?

  3. Your own discovery or COVID-19 social distancing best practices to inspire peers/friends and fellow students.


  • Please ensure that COVID-19/social distancing related information is backed by the WHO/CDC.

  • All videos must be shot in landscape mode.

  • Dress code: please make sure that clothing is appropriate.

  • Maximum length of video is 45 seconds.