'From my room...'


“From my room photography” is a COVID-19 opportunity for us to share messages of gratitude, creativity, and positive new learnings using a cell phone camera, everyday objects, and our ingenuity.

These messages are a way of keeping people connected, offering help, and also to show our gratitude to medical workers, police officers and others on the front line. Please ensure you remain indoors while taking these photos.

We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to spread light and positivity to both friends and family online.

Steps to Post

  1. Take a picture, submit, and challenge three friends to do the same!

  2. Kindly post the photograph to your social media account (Instagram (feed/story), Facebook Story) with the name of the photographer and a caption for the photo. Be sure to tag @ISHUBUS and #ISHUBUS in the caption/story.

  3. Please use the following hashtags: #ISHUBUS on Instagram stories, #frommyroomphotography, #stayput along with any other hashtags that you would like to add.

Sample work submitted by campus leads:

Which challenge inspires you?

[A] Staying inside means we have some extra time. What if we also used some of this extra time to develop a new skill? This can range from painting, photography, cooking and so on. Take a photo of something that represents a new skill and share it with us!

[B] Bring famous art to life! The Getty Museum posted a challenge to recreate works of art with objects and people in our own homes. Follow these four easy steps:

    1. Choose your favorite artwork.

    2. Find three things lying around your house.

    3. Recreate the artwork with those items.

Share with @Getty Museum on Twitter or Instagram.

Be sure to tag @ISHUBUS on Instagram stories and #ISHUBUS on posts.

[C] Create photographs with gratitude messages for everyone who is helping us in this crisis. You can also come up with messages to your family back in India to show that you are safe and doing well (positive messages).

You can even take multiple photos and make a collage. Take photos of these messages and share it. Make sure you stay indoor while taking these photos.