Live with Sunita Williams

Astronaut Sunita Williams discusses social distancing, the space way.

1 May 2020 | 12 PM CDT

The Embassy of India Student Hub hosts a dialogue with NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams:

  • A tour of her home in space (International Space Station)

  • A perspective on isolation in space and the importance of a structured schedule and the daily efforts at eating and exercise.

  • Personal stories and reassurance that this (pandemic) too shall pass.

  • Career advice and words of inspiration.

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Sunita L. Williams (Suni) was selected as an astronaut by NASA in 1998 and is a veteran of two space missions Expeditions 14/15 and 32/33. She is currently training for the first post-certification mission of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft – the second crewed flight for that vehicle – and her third long duration mission aboard the International Space Station. Williams and her crewmates are working closely with Boeing to develop their new spacecraft systems, which will provide roundtrip crew transportation services to the International Space Station and, along with SpaceX’s CrewDragon, return the ability to launch humans into space from United States soil. Sourced from NASA, read Suni's full bio here.

Special thanks to the National Aeronautics & Space Administration and the Astronaut Appearances Office.