Education Storytellers in India's Aspirational Districts

The "Education Storytellers" project is a 10 week long program focused on National Education Policy 2020 implementation in India's Aspirational Districts. In partnership with the Piramal Foundation, our team of sixteen student volunteers will conduct extensive qualitative research to understand education micro-innovations and best practices already present in India's Aspirational Districts. Our mandate is to discover and tell the stories of micro-innovations on the ground in a compelling and implementable manner. The final product will be a field guide of education micro-innovations from across Aspirational Districts in nine states of India that will then be shared across all 112 Aspirational Districts through Piramal Foundation's network.

The Education Storytellers team is:

  • Developing an understanding of the Aspirational Districts

  • Building relationships and project plans with the Piramal Foundation's team of Gandhi Fellows and project leaders on the ground in India.

  • Attending several workshops on qualitative research skills development as they prepare to conduct "virtual" interviews in the field.

  • Identifying specific schools and individuals for further research/interviews

  • Studying micro-innovations in India that have already been identified across India