ARTSPECTIVES is a 4-webisodes series aimed at bridging the gap and creating awareness of the existence of non-mainstream forms of art around us in everyday life. The series will offer alternate perspectives of the arts through fun & insightful engagements with guest artists, non-artists and activities.

As per the demands of the current situation, all webisodes will be executed remotely. The videos will be shot individually and weaved together with the magic of editing.

ARTSPECTIVES Webisode #1: "Finding your Mythology" with V. Balakrishnan

V. Balakrishnan - Storyteller, Self-healer

V. Balakrishnan, an alumnus of Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts (New Delhi) and the National School of Drama (New Delhi), is the founder and artistic director of Theatre Nisha (Chennai). He was awarded the Charles Wallace Scholarship to attend an International Residency for Young Directors with the Royal Court Theatre, London. He has been using theatre as a tool to improve communication and confront learning disabilities with school students for nearly two decades. He has directed over 200 plays, acted in over 150 plays and written over 10 scripts. He has worked with several international dancers and theatre professionals on collaborative projects.

Shanti Chandrasekhar is a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist from Maryland. She has studies the traditional Indian art forms of Kolam and Tanjore-style painting. She has won numerous awards including the Maryland State Arts Council, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County Individual Artist awards and has exhibited in galleries and instituitions in the US and India. She has also illustrated children and science books. While many of her works are influenced by her Indian heritage, her true inspiration comes from the mystery and majesty of the world around her; her muse lives where the scientific overlaps with the spiritual.

ARTSPECTIVES Webisode #2: "Dots & Lines" with Shanti Chandrasekhar

ARTSPECTIVES Webisode #3: "Woven Sagas" with Namrata Dalela

Namrata Dalela - Textile Researcher & Conservator

Namrata Dalela has been working with textile collections and its different aspects in museums; as resource person for workshops, demonstrating and propagating textile conservation practices amongst curators in Museums in India. Her most recent assignment was as a Conservator, doing curative and preventive conservation in the Textiles gallery at the National Handlooms and Handicrafts Museum. She did a Research fellowship at Museum Conservation Institute at the Smithsonian in Washington DC working on unique problems in textile conservation such as anoxic treatments for pest control, role of static in display of silk, stain removal, and storage of feather boas. She worked on the costume collection of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. She also did research on the Picchwai temple hangings of Nathdwara at the Smithsonian.

History, textiles, dress, ethnography, interaction with craftsmen, craft documentation, understanding of textile techniques and conservation are her favored pastime and the findings are widely shared with family, friends, students and diplomatic community.

Vandana Nair lives with the addiction of “Have thought, will write!” Technical manuals, software, print columns, AV scripts, coffee-table books, distance education programmes, tutorials, brochures, websites, short stories, blogs, and even tweets have been steady fodder to this addiction over the years. The family legend is that even her son’s homework writing assignments have not escaped her clutches at times. ‘Punch’ is her first full-length novel.

Indian at core, she currently lives in Seattle with her two children (one of whom is canine.) She is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts program with Rainier Writing Workshop.

ARTSPECTIVES Webisode #4: "Yours sincerely," with Vandana Nair