National Education Policy 2020

The Union Cabinet of India has approved the National Education Policy on 29 July 2020.

HIGHLIGHTS from the Cabinet briefing and Prime Minister's announcement:

  1. Multiple Entry in Education System

  2. Multidisciplinary Academics

  3. Easy Credit Transfer

  4. Graded Autonomy

  5. Single Regulator for Higher Education

  6. National Research Foundation

  7. Internationalization

  8. Special Education Zones

  9. National Educational Technology Forum

  10. Awareness of Indian Knowledge Systems

  11. Promotion of Classical Languages

  12. Promotion of Traditional Arts

  13. Using Technology in all areas of education

  14. E-content in Regional Languages

  15. Access to Disadvantaged Groups

School Education Reforms

  • Education of Gifted Children

  • Gender Inclusion Fund

  • Vocational Integration from Grade 6

  • Education upto Grade 5/ Grade 8 in Mother Tongue/ Regional Language

  • 360 degree Holistic Progress Card

  • National Analysis Centre (“PARAKH”)

  • Book Promotion Policy and Digital Libraries

Read the Complete NEP 2020 document and learn more about #NEP2020, please scroll down.

PM Modi addresses Conclave on Reforms in Higher Education under #NEP2020

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PIB Press Release - NEP2020

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NEP 2020.pdf

Read the National Education Policy 2020

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