The India Student Hub in collaboration with the Office of Education Secretary - Ladakh Secretariat, and Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) presents the Ladakh Education Collaboration Project. The YCC is comprised of young people from a variety of education and life backgrounds who aim to work together to provide universal access to quality education opportunities in remote villages of Ladakh Union Territory – especially in COVID-19 times.

The YCC is currently working on a new NUC‐Mesh offline education system (imagine the internet in a tiny server that also operates as a Community Radio System) loaded with NCERT and District Education Materials as well as global resources that support all children and youth to become life‐long learners. In light of both the New Education Policy and the current Government of India school system as operated in Ladakh, the YCC is developing:

  1. Current education materials produced for online learning in 2020 (Department of Education – Leh).

  2. Materials in local language that support authentic learning and the individual needs of all learners (including differently‐abled and different learners).

  3. Materials that link schools with remote communities, bringing all citizens into life‐long learning that supports innovation in remote areas by providing global educational resources in local languages, vocational and life skills, and adult learning resources appropriate to their needs.

  4. Coding all materials so that resource access becomes available and affordable in remote areas (over 60% of all learners in the region).

Kids making shovel to clean the ice rink in winters

Kids making broom from plastic bottle

Kids making shovel to clean the ice rink in winters