Meet the Team

The Embassy of India Student Hub is a unique collaboration between the Embassy and student leaders. Here, we introduce you to the leadership team.

Roopal Shah

EDUCATION ADVISOR | Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

Roopal grew up in Houston, Texas, but has lived in 5+ time zones from HST (Hawaii Standard Time) to IST (India Standard Time). Having served almost a decade as an attorney, and a decade with Indicorps, Roopal is currently focusing her energy on empowering young people to step up to their fullest potential. Roopal is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Michigan Law School.

In 2018, Roopal walked 6 weeks of the Narmada Parikrama; she hopes in 2021 to complete the remaining 1,500 km.

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Mugdha Ghaisas

EDUCATION ASSOCIATE | Consulate General of India, New York

Mugdha grew up in Pune, India. She completed a Masters in Development focusing on Law, Governance, and Public Policy from Azim Premji University and recently finished her Masters in International Affairs from The George Washington University.

At the Embassy, Mugdha coordinates student engagement and collaboration serving as a first assistant to the Education Advisor, with responsibilities for strategic planning and organizing US-India educational collaborations and initiatives. She also works with the Consulate General in New York as the Education Associate.

Mugdha admires Indian mythology and the intricate portrayal of diverse characters which resonates in everyday human interactions, cultivates patience, and a sense of optimism.

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Cherie Singh

EDUCATION INTERN | Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

An international student, Cherie Singh from India is an Aerospace Engineer, and a recent graduate with an MA in International Affairs from The George Washington University. Since high school, she had the privilege of working and learning with several non-profit organizations globally. An AIESEC India alumnus, Cherie worked with rural schools in South India and towards the economic empowerment of refugees in Australia. In the United States, she has interned with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and was also a Graduate Fellow of the United Nations Association.

A strong believer in the power of humanistic values, Cherie identifies herself as a critical agent of change, hope, and compassion.


Soorya Sriram

EDUCATION ASSOCIATE | Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

Soorya Sriram grew up in Chennai, India. With a team of students from SRM University and over a two year period, Soorya made a nano-satellite which was launched by ISRO in 2011. Among other educational endeavors, Soorya spent 4+ years with a company that made adaptive learning software. Soorya is a graduate of Anna University and SRM University.

Soorya has trekked his way through multiple mountains in the Himalayas and intends to scale more with his dog Luna someday.


Kavita Krishna

EDUCATION ASSOCIATE | Embassy of India, Washington D.C.

Kavita grew up all over India especially in border towns and is partial to rural India and Indian textiles. She completed a Masters in International Education focusing on Sustainability and Development from The George Washington University and has also been a student of Vedanta at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatti simultaneously. She continues her study of the ancient texts under the guidance of reputed Acharyas.

Kavita is a keen practitioner and proponent of the Indian Knowledge Systems and she enjoys sharing the benefits of an alternative way of learning, knowing, and being. She likes to tell stories both in written and visual forms and offers herself as a bridge between India and the world.


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